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C210 Board Edger

Efficient sawing with a separate board edger

With a separate board edger the sawyer gets a machine that efficiently cuts away rough edges of the boards. The board edger C210 significantly increases your capacity, no matter if you cut boards with a band blade or a chain. You get more out of the log and save time. This machine is easy to use; you get started with just a few simple steps. Set the desired width and send the timber through – quickly and safely!


In- and out-feed tables are standard

Easy setting of the desired sawing width.

Double circular sawblades for an accurate result.

A strong feeder holds and pulls the board through the machine during the cutting operation.

The design, with one sawblade coming from above and one from below, gives you an exeptionally safe operation.

You can edge boards of any width. The open side allows unlimited board width.

From rough-edged boards to finished timber

Set to the desired width by using the clear scales for easy adjustment.

Two circular sawblades cut fast and straight.

The side cover is opened by the workpiece when you are edging extra wide boards.

The board is edged in a quick and controlled operation.

A safe investment!

Compact. Has all the advantages you otherwise only find in significantly larger and more expensive board edgers.

Safe. Sawblades and feed rollers are covered. The unique design gives a controlled sawing process.

Can be run with or without sawdust extractor. Machine stand, sawdust duct, hose and sawdust extractor are availabel as optional attchments.

The board edger is open on one side of the machine table. This unique design means that there is no limit to how wide boards you can feed in.

Equipped with a smart fence, the C210 can cut battens or laths (1” or 2” wide). It can also be used for resawing already edged boards.


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